Time is sometimes on my side

19 May

So I have always been the kind of person that gets involved in lots of different things all at the same time.

In high school and college I was involved in a whole host of activities, on top of studying and keeping part time jobs. Now, not only do I work part time doing marketing, but I also try to do as much freelance writing as possible. Oh, and I manage to volunteer with a number of organizations and at my son’s school.

And apparently our house wasn’t busy enough with two little kids running around (and a husband to take care of)…we had to get a puppy too! (That’s a whole other story! And yes, I am officially crazier than you thought!)

To top it all off, I’ve now embarked on this journey of writing a young adult novel.

Just call me Super Author! My super secret skill: finding the time to do it all.

So where do I find the time, you ask?!

Well, honestly most days I’m not sure where I do find the time. But I am certainly of the mentality that if I’ve committed myself to doing something I have to see it through…not to mention give it my all. So I carve out time for all the things going on in my life. And I make lots of lists (because crossing things off gives me a great sense of accomplishment.)

People often ask me where the kids go when I write. I just chuckle and say they are running around in circles in the next room (or watching a movie in reality.) Thanks to them I do most of my writing at night right now—the quiet time at our house when I can actually hear myself think. Of course, as the project progresses my time management will evolve as well and I’ll have to shift things around to make more time for writing (while still squeezing in afternoons at the pool.)

One thing I have made note of thus far is that when I write my next novel, I’ll start the process right after the first year when it’s the dead of winter and the kids and I are trapped indoors, patiently—OK, not so patiently—waiting for warm weather to return!

Until next time…


One Response to “Time is sometimes on my side”

  1. Deborah Emin May 24, 2010 at 1:34 am #

    Time is everything when one writes. good luck.

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