it’s a new year after all…

1 Jan

Hello, are you there blog? It’s me Katie.

Yep, just Katie.

I know I’ve ignored you for many weeks (OK, let’s be honest. It’s been months. You got lost in the shuffle of taking care of my family and work and other writing I actually get paid for (no offense!) And soon it became easy for me to say “oh, I’ll start blogging again in 2011.”

Well, today’s the day!

I hope you’ve missed me…I know I’ve missed you.

And I do promise to make you a priority in 2011. Really.  I’ll talk about what I’m writing (and reading) for kids, tweens and teens. I’ll write about other articles and stories I’ve had published. I might check in with my sister (welcome to the world of blogging, Mags!) And I might even post photos…eureka!

I’m a generally optimistic person and I see big things ahead for the both of us  in 2011…cheers to a New Year (and new blog post!)


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