what’s the lime?

12 Jan

Today’s post is coming to you live from St. Lucia!

It’s true. The picture above is one I took from the beach (on the Caribbean Sea) looking up at our resort. Lucy and I were on a hunt for shells and rocks (one of her favorite collectibles even while I on vacation) and I couldn’t resist the view of the bright white villas against the lush green vegetation. Pure beauty that just screams sit back, relax and grab a strawberry daiquiri (of course I’ve had my fair share so far!)

St. Lucia is a beautiful island and the people here are incredibly friendly. In talking to the resort staff I discovered some local lingo (which I am always fascinated by.) “Lime” or “what’s the lime” is a phrase you hear often when talking about making plans for the evening or going out to enjoy yourself. This is a loose definition I was given of course, because the phrase has adapted and is used in many different ways by the people of St. Lucia. (It’s the name of the cell phone provider for example.)  

This local language discovery reminded me of my time spent studying and living in Ireland (totally different feel on that island!) But as a student one of the first things I was taught was that if someone asked “where’s the craic” they weren’t looking for drugs. “Craic” in Ireland is a term very much like “lime” in St. Lucia. It’s all about having a good time.

And so in the spirit of the island, I’m going to sit back and just enjoy the lime…

See you back stateside!


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