17 Feb

I love this time of year…and not just because I know Spring is hiding around the corner.

It’s award show season! While I find the shows themselves to be entertaining (if not a tad long) my favorite part about Hollywood come late winter is the fashion. The gowns that grace the red carpets get all my attention (and my sister’s too) no matter how good the nominated movies and actors are.

Interestingly enough, just yesterday another writer (thanks, Kellye Carter Crocker!) sent out a link that magically combined my hunger for high fashion and my abiding love of children’s books.

Enter Ryan Novelline’s Golden Book Gown

Novelline masterfully crafted this gown using pages from Little Golden Books. Love it! Then topped it off with a bodice created from the gold foil bindings of those same books. Seriously!

Please check out Novelline’s website…where the whole process is thoughtfully documented.

I am truly in awe of creativity and talent like this.

And I can tell you right now I won’t find another gown I am this smitten with this award season.


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