15 Jul

So clearly once again I have fallen off the blog wagon! I don’t know how this happens…life gets in the way I guess. Which is of course a silly and easy excuse. Because once I sit down to blog it takes all of half an hour of my day. I’d like to blame it on summer (which is FLYING by, by the way) and say I’ve been visiting wonderful vacation destination. But unfortunately that’s not true (not that I don’t love Kansas City and St. Louis our two summer getaways this year.)

I have been doing lots of writing though…local publications like The Gazette and CBJ Quarterly have been good to me as of late.

But anyway, a couple of recent…let’s call them “incidents” got me thinking about my lack of discipline for a routine. Example number one is the fact that I haven’t blogged for months…yes months! (I know you’ve been missing me.) For a while I was pretty good about doing it once a week…usually on Tuesday or Wednesday. And then I just didn’t get to it on my to do list (yes, I make one everyday that includes things like “shower” so I know I’ll at least cross one thing off…most days!) and it just didn’t get back on the list.

Then a few days ago I emailed an editor to send him a story and completely forgot the attachment. Nice!

If you thought that was bad, I followed up by sending a different editor my notes instead of the story I wrote. But to make matters worse, when I looked for the story I wrote to send the right version along I realized that in my haste I hadn’t saved the story in the right virtual folder and it disappeared into cyberspace. 1,000 words…gone! BOO!

After beating myself up a bit about it I’ve concluded that perhaps my working on writing at midnight (even though I am a night owl) isn’t my best option any more. Perhaps I need a new routine. One that includes blogging regularly again, too.

Until next week…promise!

ps…In the meantime, if you have any tips for whipping my writing routine into shape (please keep in mind my day is subject to interruption by a husband and two lovely children ;)) send them my way! My editors would appreciate it.


3 Responses to “routines…”

  1. Rebecca Groff July 21, 2011 at 2:46 am #

    My sympathies and empathies, Katie. Been there, done that kind of stuff, so go easy on yourself.

    Read your My Biz article today. I have friends who might benefit from such help—will refer them on to her.

    LUV this new column! It accomplishes so many good things for so many people. How can that not be a win-win?!

    Hope you found some time this week to write something new.

    • katiemillsgiorgio July 21, 2011 at 2:54 am #

      Thanks Rebecca! Donna from today’s My Biz sent a nice email thanking me so that perked me right up 😉 Still working on making time for creativity this week. I am in awe of your edited manuscript! Wowza! What an awesome challenge you hold. Let me know when you need some cheerleading 😉

      • Rebecca Groff August 1, 2011 at 8:29 pm #

        Will do–and thanks for the offer.

        Isn’t it grand when our story sources are happy with our work and appreciate it.

        I also know these articles are doing good things for business/community relations. Good stuff happening here.

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