school traditions…

26 Aug

Oh, joy! We have officially kicked off the new school year here at the Giorgio household!

I love this time of year for lots of reasons…but a big one is the annual first day of school photo. It’s such fun to take the photo each year and then look back at years past and see how big the kiddies have grown.

Here’s this year’s entry (please note: we typically take this photo on the front porch but there was a quite a thunderstorm the morning of the first day of school so we had to use the entryway)

Tom is in 1st grade this year (woohoo!) And Lucy will be starting preschool (although she doesn’t technically start until next week we let her in on the fun this week!)

I appreciate this tradition thanks to my mom. Every year she lined up me and my siblings in our cute little school uniforms. Here’s a gem from 1988. I was going into 2nd grade, my brother Joe was going into 1st and cute little Andy was starting preschool.

Joe gets the award for looking most excited!

It took a little photo digging at my mom’s house (I’ve inherited her lack of organization for family pictures unfortunately)to find this picture but it was totally worth it.

And I decided that I love these first day of school photos so much that I plan on following my children around all the way through college just so I can capture these great moments.

Here’s to a lifetime of learning!



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