c is for cabin and canoe

20 Sep

Last week our family took a mid-week break (because we all work really hard by golly!) and spent the night camping at Pinocon Ridge Park near Central City, Iowa. We stayed in a great little cabin (please, I’m not really the tent camping type) with two sets of bunk beds (which the kids loved but I can’t say were very comfortable.)

We grilled cheeseburgers, roasted marshmallows and stayed up late. It was a wonderful crisp fall night.

The next morning we got up and headed out on a canoeing adventure (which I consider brave with a three-year-old in the canoe!) The morning was a bit brisk but the sun came out eventually and it was a marvelous day. The water on the Wapsipinicon River was very low (we actually got stuck on the bottom a time or two.) And we were quite literally the only ones out on the water, except for the wildlife that is. I would say it was peaceful, but then again I was in a small canoe with a three-year-old and a six-year-old who have no concept of being quiet while observing nature.

Since I allowed Tom to miss a day of school (which I rationalized because it was only a half day) I told him we had to make a list of all the wildlife we saw on our two-hour tour so he could share it with his class the next day. And despite the obnoxious noises being made by my wildlife, we were able to spot a few creatures.

Here’s the final list Tom came up with…*

On Our Canoe Trip We Saw

1. Turkey Vulture

2. Elk

3. Bald Eagle (actually we saw two and they were amazing)

4. Crane

5. Blue Heron

6. A Squirrel (this actually swam all the way across the river…had no idea squirrels could swim!)

7. Minnows

8. Deer

9. Goats

10. Horses

11. Cows

12. Sand Piper

13. Geese

14. Water Bugs

15. Dragonfly

16. A ? Head (yes, that’s right. We kept seeing a mysterious head pop out of the water but it would always dive back under the water before we could get close enough–or quiet enough–to see what it was. I’m told Tom’s class guessed it was a great white shark or an alligator. Thankfully I think they were wrong.)

There you have it. Just a lazy fall day on the river in Eastern Iowa with the Giorgio family. I’ll leave you with my favorite photo from our adventure.**

*Please note: I tried to scan the list Tom wrote up but it didn’t scan well. Which is unfortunate because it shows off his wonderful 1st grade penmanship 😉

**Again please note: Lucy is not actually scared in this photo. She is ULTRA dramatic and was just acting for effect 😉


2 Responses to “c is for cabin and canoe”

  1. Anne Ylvisaker December 2, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    The expression on your daughter’s face is priceless! There’s a story prompt in that photo.

    • katiemillsgiorgio December 2, 2011 at 5:38 pm #

      That Lucy is quite a character…she actually provides me with daily story prompts 😉

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