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inspired by others…

19 Aug

Tonight I ate my dinner quickly and raced on over to my local Barnes and Noble for some truly powerful writing inspiration: talks/readings by authors Anne Ylvisaker and Katherine Hannigan.

Anne went first and talked about her latest book “The Luck of the Buttons” (which I’ve blogged about before.) It is magical to listen to her story of how her story came to be…and what you might discover, or mistakenly remember, while wandering around the Iowa prairies.

Katherine spoke second and talked about her books, including the latest “True…(sort of)”, which I finished reading just last week. It is the type of book filled with characters who pull at your heart-strings and start to influence the way you talk to and think about the world around you.

Please do yourself a favor and read both “The Luck of the Buttons” and “True…(sort of)” in the very near future! (I’ve got both now if you’d like to borrow them ;))

Hearing these gifted writers speak tonight was as inspiring as I hoped it would be. When you sit and listen, their natural storytelling powers make it seem that every word they offer should be written down…that it could all go into a book. And I sit, listen and smile…take it all in…dream about the stories floating around in my head…and secretly hope that some of their magic might rub off on me.

And then I add more books signed by authors to my collection.