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on the move…

21 Feb

In case you hadn’t heard, the Cedar Rapids Public Library is making a big move this week…across the street from their temporary home at Westdale Mall into a newly renovated space now known as the Ladd Library.

This is exciting on a number of levels…from the fact that the library will now feature public restrooms (I know what you are thinking…really, that is important?! But trust me, if you go to the library with a 5-year-old regularly it’s important!) to the notion that this marks an exciting evolution for the Cedar Rapids Public Library. Not only will they open this fabulous new branch library in 2013, but the much-anticipated and long (but patiently) awaited new downtown Cedar Rapids Public Library will also open later this summer!

Now I am not just saying this because I love the library (and think the world of several key staff members) but the folks at the Cedar Rapids Public Library have a fun attitude and innovative approach to most everything they do. I mean what do you do when you are moving, but ask for help from friends and family. And that’s just what the Cedar Rapids Public Library did. They invited library card holders to come in and check out as many books as they could carry in an effort to help the library make the move.

Given the fact that I’ve moved more times in my life than I can count on my hands, I consider myself a semi-professional mover. So of course I wanted to do my part. It also helped that Tom and Lucy happened to think this was an awesome (and hysterical) idea.

So last Friday we rolled into the library (yes, I totally brought a rolling bag) and stocked up on as many picture books (Lucy) and nonfiction titles (Tom) as we could handle.


moving the crpl









We came away with 35 books (which I might add is darn heavy even with wheels) and one movie.

Then once we got (heaved) the books home we decided we need to make a mini Cedar Rapids Public Library to house them all while in our care.  (We didn’t want any mix ups with the books we already have here at home!) Lucy was my enthusiastic helper.


mini crpl







We were and are excited to be part of the Cedar Rapids Public Library’s big move. We’re even more excited to see the new  space! There’s a big party Friday night (you can still get tickets!) and the grand opening celebration continues on Saturday. So stop in and check it out!

ps…Can you just remind me that my stash of books is due back March 8th?!

over the moon…

3 Feb

I love to read…always have, always will.

But for the last six years the majority of books that I read are the ones my kids pick out. Now I’m not saying that’s at all bad.  It just makes for interesting conversation when another adult asks you about the latest book you’ve read or “Eat, Pray, Love” is all the rage on Oprah and you can barely recognize what the cover looks like.

So in 2011 I vowed that I would start whittling away at the list of “books I’d love to read” and the stacks lining my bookshelf (gathering dust) and start making time to read something I picked out just for myself. I know it isn’t going to be an easy challenge because I’m the type of reader who gets so wrapped up in what she’s reading that she sneaks every spare moment (like sitting in the car waiting to pick up my son from school) to read just one more paragraph.

But I am pleased to report that I have managed to read three books so far in the new year.

They are…in a particular order…

Front Page Face Off by Jo Whittemore

The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell

and Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool

(OK, so I never said anything about reading books for adults! These are just ones I can’t read out loud to my kindergartner and three-year-old.)

Anyway, I enjoyed all three books but  I must say that I am simply blown away by the story Ms. Vanderpool has created in “Moon Over Manifest.” This books is truly magnificent and worthy of the recently awarded 2011 Newbery Award.

It tells the story of 12-year-old Abilene Tucker who in 1936  arrives in the town of Manifest, Kansas by jumping from the back of a train. But in telling Abilene’s story this book intertwines the stories and lives of all the people of Manifest–past and present. There is a whole host of colorful and endearing characters. There’s mystery and adventure and history all rolled into one. I chuckled as I read. I marveled at Clare Vanderpool’s story weaving. And I cried because I could feel the pain and sadness of the characters.

When I finished the book (really just a few minutes ago…I wanted to shout from the rooftops about its wonderfulness!) I had that smile on my face of satisfaction. That reading this book…knowing these characters and their stories…has made my life richer.

I actually read the book on my iPhone (a new endeavor we can address another time here) through kobo. And I’ll be going to the bookstore later this week to buy a hard copy. This is a book I want to have on my bookshelf for when my kiddos are old enough to read the books they’ve chosen for themselves.

Even if you wouldn’t normally chose a book written for children to add to your “must read” list, “Moon Over Manifest” should be an exception.

It is an excpetional read!