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6 Jan

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on this blog…like I think perhaps this blog is in serious hibernation mode. It’s sub-zero outside my office door so I don’t blame it. Some mornings I feel the need to stay snuggled in tight. Maybe bears and bees and bats have the right idea about winter.

Anyway, I decided to jump back on here today and write up a short post on my word for 2018.

This is a new venture for me. I’ve seen many friends post about or mention that they pick a word for the year. It’s like making a resolution (which I never seem to be very good at) in a way, but it seems more forgiving and flexible and fulfilling.

There are a lot of online resources to help you give some serious thought to what your word might be. My One Word, One Word 365, and a variety of other bloggers offer ideas and inspiration and more guidance than I can in this short post.

So how did I pick my word? For a hot second I thought about a word lottery…I mean there are so many words that I love and to pick one that will inform a whole year seems a bit daunting. But that really wasn’t the point. I didn’t want to just pick a word and see if it would stick.

I won’t be cheesy and say that my word appeared to me in a dream. I didn’t necessarily pray on it or spend hours passing words over in my mind. It didn’t just pop into my head. For me–for my first year doing this exercise–it was more of a feeling. A sense of the word just kind of sneaked up on me the other day and the more I said the word or thought about the word the more it seemed to fit for me for right now.

My word for 2018 is CONFIDENCE.

my word

I picked this word because I want confidence to inform all my choices and actions in 2018!

I want to be confident that each day I am doing my best as a wife and mother.

I want to be confident that I can make healthy choices to take care of my mind, body, and heart.

I want to be confident that my writing abilities are my best gift and that I should continue to rely on them to make a living that I am passionate about day in and day out.

I want to be confident that when I see a pitch for story ideas for a publication I’ve never written for that my ideas are worthy of being considered.

I want to be confident that I can and will write books for children.

I want to be confident that my new side hustle (more on that in another post) will not only be a fun challenge but will also connect me with inspiring new people.

I want to be confident in my feelings and in my compassion and in my faith.

I want to be confident that I am being kind and raising kind humans.

I want to be confident that I can tackle my “to read” list on Goodreads.

I want to be confident that I’m doing my best to keep in touch with the people who are important to me.

I want to be confident that I’ll explore new places and love the places the most that feel like home.

I want to be confident that I am living my best life.

I want to be confident…in all things…all year long.

So here’s to humble confidence in 2018!

confidence quote

ps…share your word if you’d like…I’d love to hear what will help guide you through 2018!