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a picture book a day…

28 Jan

Have I mentioned here that I love picture books?

Lucky for me I have two little kiddos who love to read them with me every day. Reading a picture book a day sounds like a totally doable task.

Writing a picture book a day…I’m not so sure.

But for some inspired reason I’ve decided to sign up for the Picture Book Marathon.

illustration by Nathan Hale (http://www.spacestationnathan.com/)

The Picture Book Marathon is a challenge designed to get writers working on a new draft of a picture book for 26 days in February (thank goodness they give us two days of rest!) They will of course be VERY rough drafts, but I thought this was the perfect motivation I needed to get some of my ideas rolling out of my head and onto paper.  I’ve got at least a handful rounded up so far that will get the month off to a great start. After that I’ll have to be extra creative (or take suggestions from you!)

You see I’m not really the marathon running type. I’m just not that into running itself, what with the chaffing and all when you run that far for that long. 

However, I have walked a marathon…in Des Moines, Iowa back in 2009. It was long and brutal and there were a few points in the last six miles when I didn’t want to take another step. And then I realized I had walked so far already and I wasn’t going to give up with just a few more miles to go. Sure I could barely move the next day, but I am really proud to say I finished all 26.2 miles.

I am hoping I have that same mental strength come February 20th. Sure I’ll be working with words (kind of my specialty) but a marathon is a marathon.

I’m just glad this one marks miles with picture books.