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oh how lucky we are…

16 Mar

I love St. Patrick’s Day…or rather I love being Irish. Here in the Giorgio household (despite the origins of our last name) we celebrate the spirit of good cheer all year along. And I’d like to wish you the same…from my little Irish lass and lad.


irish every day!

17 Mar

There’s no doubt St. Patrick’s Day is a grand holiday! I’m game for celebrating all things Irish. But I must say I am most proud to be Irish through and through…all year long. And you won’t catch me drinking green beer today (or any day for that matter.)

Anyway, I figured today I should dedicate a blog post to my Irish heritage. And instead of writing something new (hey, I’ve got corn beef and cabbage to cook!) I am simply sharing a link to a little piece I wrote with me sister two years ago. It explains well what we love about being Irish.

Katie and Maggie’s Favorite Things About Being Irish

And so, as the Irish say, thanks (well they pronounce it more like “tanks”) very much.